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The company Invest Park Sieradz Sp. z o. o. owned by Piotr and Jędrzej Wymysłowski is the rightful possessor of a property in Sieradz at Zakładników 18 Street. This plot is an industrial area in which manufacturing companies from various industries are located.
At the end of 2019, the company’s shareholders have begun a project concerning plastic recycling.

The idea of ​​creating an energy self-sufficient industrial complex was born in 2011 during the work on a project implemented at the location at Zakładników 18 Street. The project envisaged the construction of a bioelectric power plant based on renewable sources. Therefore, this investment regarding the production of electricity and heat was included in the low-emission economy plan for 2014-2020 (Resolution No. VIII/53/2015 of the City Council in Sieradz from June 9th 2015 regarding the adoption of the Low-emission Economy Plan for implementation in the city of Sieradz in the years 2014 – 2020).

Executed by the shareholders of Invest Park Sieradz Sp. z o. o., the multi-stage recycling project is a result of experience gained during the earlier energy project.
The current project involves the sale of excess waste heat to the municipal heating system of the City of Sieradz – managed by Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o. o. owned by the City of Sieradz. Undoubtedly, the implemented investment in the recycling of plastics will yield a positive impact on the environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Sieradz, thus rendering it a part of the Low-Emission Economy.
At present, the aforementioned property is already recycling plastics using the material method, and foil is being produced.

Are you interested in a business partnership? Please contact us. The shareholders also have other commercial plots, including one intended for the construction of a hotel with residential buildings.

Benefits of the investment for the local economy:

  • Fewer landfill sites
  • New products
  • Heat for the city
  • Energy independence and self-sufficiency of the company

Our strengths:

  • 2.7 ha investment plot (can be extended by an additional 5 ha)
  • Existing infrastructure to be developed
  • Own trafo station 2x 800 KW, deep well
  • Experience in gaining European funds together with the EGC Consulting office
  • experience in a bioenergy project with the use of cogeneration regard to the conditions of connection to the power grid and heating network

Sieradz, Zakładników 18

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Location: industrial area in Sieradz
Form of cooperation: financial investor
Possible way of use: What can be built: plastics recycling plant with its own electrical energy supplied from cogeneration and photovoltaics
Potential: Development potential: possibility of extending the investment area by 5 hectares (50 000 sq. m.)

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Sieradz, Parkowa 2

Location: „Staromiejski” Old Park next to a main road. Attractive location for spending leisure time by Sieradz’s citizens.
Form of cooperation: industry operator
Possible way of use: hotel with banquet hall, conference rooms and other services.
Potencial: required documents for investment’s commencement already prepared. Commencement of investment is ready. Possibility of extending location area.

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